2018 Federal Budget - Continuing the Populist Turn?

The governing rhetoric around the Australian Budget has clearly shifted since 2016 from narratives focusing on “budget repair” to an emphasis on “jobs and growth” through bigger government spending by a “listening government” committed to “fairness, opportunity and security for all Australians”. Will Budget 2018 continue with the populist turn? How far will Budget 2018 and its critics reflect the choices to be presented to the electorate at the next Federal election?

For the last four years, the National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling has used its Tax/Transfer model, STINMOD+, to show the impact of the tax/transfer system in the Commonwealth budget on Australian families and individuals. This is particularly relevant when the policies introduced substantially alter the welfare distribution and household income in Australia.

This event brings together NATSEM’s modelling, presented by Dr Jinjing Li, an expert in modelling the Australian tax and transfer system, with a number of commentators on the budget, including political leaders Senator the Hon. Matthew Canavan and Dr Jim Chalmers MP.



You can read the NATSEM analysis "Returns to Education in Australia 2006-16" here https://t.co/BB9UrHVqHj https://t.co/nPEqFgNjkf

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