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Aligning demand generation between marketing and sales teams

Alignment between marketing and sales means that both share objectives, technologies and processes, allowing them to monitor and optimize every step of sales, from the first interaction to closing. The sales process today takes place mostly through […]

Definitive guide to creating sensational gifs for marketing and sales

Gifs are nothing new on the internet. According to Gimpy, there are 150 million original gifs. While the New York Times estimates that 23 million gifs are posted on Tumblr every day. In other words, the amount of gifs you […]

Scrum in sales: How to apply it in your company?

The way in which the management of companies and their areas are seen has changed a lot lately. Before, there was a centralizing mentality, where the manager controlled the entire organization. Based on an industrial model, […]

MQL: Complete guide to Qualified Leads by Marketing

Learn all about MQLs and their importance to conquer the best business opportunities by uniting Marketing and Sales MQL, short for Marketing Qualified Leads, is the category that represents a potential customer that the Marketing team […]