Definitive guide to creating sensational gifs for marketing and sales

Definitive guide to creating sensational gifs for marketing and sales

Gifs are nothing new on the internet. According to Gimpy, there are 150 million original gifs. While the New York Times estimates that 23 million gifs are posted on Tumblr every day.

In other words, the amount of gifs you can explore is huge. Not to mention the ones you can create yourself!

How can I create my own gif?!

Personally, I love gifs. I use them in messages to friends, Facebook, Outbound Slack messages, internal emails and even emails to clients/leads!

I even use gifs in prospecting emails (I’ll tell you about them later in the text)!

Gifs are a great way to communicate creatively, capturing the listener’s attention and conveying a message that generates empathy (or rapport). By this definition alone, it is suitable for prospecting emails, isn’t it?

More than that!

We know that trends are increasingly volatile in the internet world. The network has already exploded with images in the short past and still generates a lot of buzz around memes. However, videos and animations are increasingly catching and holding people’s attention.

The gif is precisely the fusion between images and animations, basically a short video without audio operating in an eternal loop. Captivating, simple and straightforward!

Of course, this trend, aka opportunity, cannot be ignored by marketers and sellers. And it is in this post that I will tell you how to use gifs to your advantage!

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a Photoshop genius or a handful of designer to play with gifs 🙂

Why you should use gifs for marketing and sales

Before understanding how you should use gifs in your strategy, I’ll show you why you should use them!

Let’s go to them:

1. Are easy to use and customize

They are being used a lot, no wonder. They are simple to operate, create and disseminate. In this way, they are tools to attract people’s attention through the amount of content available.

2. Attractive and also effective

Gifs are not only attractive; they are also very effective in conveying a brand message through visual content.

It was observed that people remember only 20% of the texts they read that had no visual appeal, which again underscores the importance of this element.

Texts without an image? Please don´t do that!

This example shows how eye-catching a well-used gif can be.

3. Better than images, cheaper than videos

Brands started to love the idea of ​​using gifs, as they were more attractive than images and much cheaper and easier to develop than a video.

4. They speak the “language” of the internet

How many times have you seen a funny gif and thought: My God, I want to live on the internet!

Well, gifs communicate easily with the network. They are basically already part of internet culture.

5. Gifs are mobile-friendly

Gifs respond well when content is consumed mobile. Responsive content is essential to any content marketing strategy.

6. Gifs tell a story

We know the importance of storytelling in the context of any content. Telling a story is a great way to engage a person on an issue and therefore build a relationship with the brand.

7. Email Marketing

Gifs in email campaigns are not new. In fact, they manage to capture more attention by introducing an element of interaction with the reader, unlike a simple image.

Team of bahria agro famr house already present their products in gif form, giving a greater focus to some functionality or some special feature of the product. The Dell achieved a result impressive using email campaigns focused on gifs. Here are some key results:

  • Open-rate grew by 6%;
  • Click-rate increased by 42%;
  • 103% Conversion Addition and
  • Revenue growth by 109%.

An example from indoors, we are using gifs to introduce the public to Reev, our product for sales.

Look at Reev coming!

When to use gifs

I told you a little about the reasons why you should include gifs in your marketing strategy like team of Capital Smart City do. There is no doubt that it is a powerful communication tool, and, therefore, it can be applied in several ways linked to attempts to establish some kind of connection.

However, there are some key operations that can have a gain of result when expanding communication with the use of gifs. Whether to create rapport, attract or retain attention, generate urgency, empathize with the brand or even be sympathetic.

The use of gifs has the clear objective of intensifying communication between two parties. You can make use of this element in the following scenarios:

Explore your brand personality

Social media is fun by definition. So why not explore your brand in a fun way too?

Brands that manage to align their human side to authenticity are able to develop a closer and more engaged relationship with their target audience. Nothing better than a good gif to make this happen!

The gif ends up transmitting much of your company’s culture, increasing the interaction between your company and your customer/public.

Here at Outbound we did one to celebrate the 2000 likes mark on our fan page 😀

Demonstrate a product

Want to show your audience how your product works, or what’s new in your product?

Gif in them!

HubSpot and Mixmax demonstrate their product features via email marketing and it is usually very effective. Well, it gets my attention a lot!

Presenting some way of installing or setting up your tool can also be done using a gif, simpler and more objective than a video (and cheaper too).

Marketizator using gif to present your product

Explain a process step by step

Also in the context of the product demonstration, you can use the gif to teach your audience to perform some process related to your product.

Using a gif can be much easier and simpler than having to explain something using words. Want an example?

In 5 seconds you learned how to open a beer bottle using a lighter 😛

thank someone

Remember, the gif is used to channel the message and connect more easily and spontaneously. So thanking someone for something can become much more fun and interactive when using a gif.

When I receive a compliment for the blog I usually respond like this:

“Hello person, thanks so much for the compliment! I sent your message to the outbound staff here and their reaction was as follows:

It’s a nice way to say thank you for something and, once again, convey a little of your company’s culture.

Prospect emails

That’s just what you heard!

Using gifs in prospect emails can be very effective when used well. Think of the thousands of emails your lead receives each day. What sets them apart? Which of those many messages will get your lead’s attention enough for him to engage in a conversation?

In a blog post about customizing emails, I commented on a case where I used a gif to draw the prospect’s attention to something related to your company’s website.

Basically, I identified that the lead company had a strong tendency to use coffee, a delicacy culturally considered as a “catalyst for results”. I used this information to my advantage, even in the form of a gif!

I managed to generate rapport and create a connection in a much more spontaneous way!

Know how to interpret your lead’s behavioral trends and use this to your advantage. Nothing better than a gif to “break the ice” of a cold mail.

Strategically use Business Intelligence within your business process and you will have important information to build a prospecting email with a beautiful gif!

Follow up

Here at Outbound we have great cases of follow up gifs that worked!

Follow up is simply an attempt to contact via cold mail followed by a prospect message. Using a funny gif breaks the tension of cold prospecting and allows for connection.

The follow up gif is a great example of how to be creative when doing follow ups and create immediate lead value by putting a smile on your face and making your day more fun.

I would even show you the gif I use, but then I would be handing over one of my main weapons too easily! Maybe if we exchange some emails I’ll show you 😉

Last month I sent my follow up gif to a lead that had a proposal in hand and we had cooled down our communication. He replied: what a funny follow-up. From there, we started talking again and we re-established the negotiation, follow up like a champ!

Believe it, it works!

Conclusion and final tips

I hope I have shown you a little bit throughout this post about the power of communication and how you can use gifs as a tool to enhance yours.

Customers are the most important assets of any company. Therefore, knowing how to communicate with them, get their attention and create a connection is essential. Remember that communication is not just limited to marketing and sales. It is inherent to the work performed in all departments of the company.

To select the best gifs, you can use Gimpy or Tumblr as your gif bank. Or, if you want to create your own, here are some suggestions:

  • Image Flip
  • gif maker
  • Make GIF

Gifs don’t magically work in content strategies. You must know how to manage their usage so that they actually behave as a bonus within the process. So, don’t use them too much and use moderation with your application.

Don’t use gifs out of context just to look “cool”. Think about putting them to your advantage and not just as a distraction.

As I said before, I have a lot of fun with gifs and making this post was really cool!

I really hope you found this guide useful and that it brings good results for your company!

Have you been using gif in your marketing strategy? How about sharing with me!