How to buy land online in 4 steps

How to buy land online in 4 steps

Today’s social and natural phenomena have led us to change the paradigms in business and the way of investing.

In the past it was common to purchase products through cable television, however, thanks to technological advances and the internet there are other ways to consume products or services, even acquiring land.

Many people have migrated to the online mode to run their companies, and purchases on digital platforms are demonstrating not only their practicality, but the high security they represent.

Given the economic outlook left by 2020, it is possible that many currencies will be affected, so their value could depreciate compared to the strongest currencies.

As we have told you in several articles, for example in: Investing in times of crisis, a wise decision? By investing in the Blue World City, you protect your capital by depositing it in an asset that strengthens your assets with a safe and conservative return on investment.

To facilitate the process of buying a land online, we have developed this 4-step guide that will help you buy land for your investment projects safely.

First step: find the ideal terrain

Thanks to the fact that the real estate demand in Mexico is booming, it will not be difficult for you to find offers of properties available on the internet, the real challenge will be to investigate and identify which is the ideal for you and that fits the needs of your project.

Current technology allows that when conducting a search on the Internet, related ads begin to appear, through which you can consult options by accessing their websites.

The vast majority of — if not all — real estate companies have a website through which you can access information on their properties and general data. In case of not having it, it means that the company is not very big or reliable.

Now, there are several reasons why land is acquired, however, when we talk about properties whose purpose is to obtain a fixed income or build your own business, you must take into account these key points to choose a commercial land:

  • Close to commercial and residential areas.
  • Easy access. That they can be reached through urbanized streets or urban transport routes.
  • Close to areas with activity, such as schools, avenues or shopping centers.

If it is a land for residential use, factors such as cost of living, economic growth rates and social development in the region, as well as access to services such as hospitals, schools and supermarkets, must also be considered.

Once you have found an offer that meets your needs, make use of the different tools that you have available to ensure that it complies with what is mentioned in the previous points.

Digital search tools

To facilitate the search and corroboration of these characteristics when you are looking for land, in a city other than the one you are in, you can use digital tools such as:

  • Google Maps. It is a service developed by Google, which also has a downloadable application for cell phones, with scrollable maps of almost the entire world and satellite photographs. You can check locations, the route between different points or images at street level with Google Street View, real-time traffic conditions and routes on foot, by car, bicycle and public transport through a GPS navigator.
  • Google Earth. It allows to measure distances between different locations and the length of routes. Also, polygons can be drawn and their size measured.
  • Clamps. It is a web resource with which you can use maps to measure areas, distances, find and superimpose elements, measure radii and calculate elevations on a terrain.

These tools will allow you to have an idea of ​​how the area is without having to visit it, although this does not mean that you should not do it at some point, although for this first step it will be of great help when requesting more information.

Second step: contact the real estate company or the owner

Once we have chosen the ideal land for our investment and the measures or characteristics we want, we must establish contact with the seller or the real estate company, for example BMF Inversions.

Sometimes company websites have an FAQ section, where you can answer some questions before deciding to speak with an advisor. These are the proper and safe ways to establish contact:

Chatbots and forms

The chatbots are often located in a corner of the site of the company issuing a welcome message or greeting. When you start a conversation, the pop-up window of a messaging service such as messenger or another type designed specifically for that site opens.

Chatbots are digital tools that companies use to establish the first contact with potential customers, through automatic responses made by a bot.

These programmed responses resolve questions that have previously been identified as common, for example: where is the land located? o Are there payment plans?

In the case of forms, depending on the site, they can be pop-up or fixed in the contact section. They are tools that allow you to collect information, with which an advisor can contact you by the means you request with the details of the project or property that is of interest to you.

Some examples of data that a form may require are:

  • Name and surname
  • Email
  • Telephone
  • Town
  • Budget
  • Business rotation

Both the form and the chatbots allow the real estate advisor to know your interests to prepare the necessary information.

Now, once you have requested the information, it is advisable – in addition to WhatsApp messages and email – to make a call with the advisor, either by phone or via videoconference.

For the second case, we recommend the following platforms, through which you can perform them without problems.


The company or seller must be able to offer you advice and follow-up regarding all the procedures required before, during and at the end of the purchase you wish to make.

A video call is the fastest and clearest option to solve specific doubts, and for this there are various applications or digital tools:

  • Google Meet. It is a very simple way to make a video call. It does not require registration: it is only necessary that the appointment be created to make the video call and that the link is provided for it, either through an email, google calendar or a message by a messaging service. This service is increasingly in trend thanks to the facilities it provides.
  • Skype. This platform is, perhaps, the most famous for making video calls and can be done by registering a user, it has no cost and is among the favorites of many companies.
  • Facetime. It only allows making video calls between users who have iOS terminals: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac computers. It only requires the phone number or email of the other user and select the default option on the device to make the video call.
  • Video calls by WhatsApp. Perhaps it is the most accessible option for making video calls since it is a widely used means of communication. In order to make the call, it is only necessary to add the user as a contact.

To use any of these tools, it is necessary to have a strong Internet connection, since a week or badly configured connection could affect the quality of the audio or video.

Make use of this tool to solve all your doubts and establish a relationship of trust with the seller or advisor who contacts you.

Third step: buy with legal certainty and security 

Once you are clear about the type of land they manage and which is the ideal one for you, you must make sure that the person or company that sells has the possession rights as well as the property title.

Many lands are not registered in the Public Property Registry, which represents a risk when making a decision.

The land that is chosen must be regularized before the local authority in the Public Registry or Cadaster, so that once the purchase is completed it is possible to carry out the deed and have legal certainty regarding the property.

The deed process may vary in each state of the Republic, so we have prepared an article on how to deed land in Yucatan that may be of interest to you.

In the case of a purchase from a private owner, the website of the Public Property Registry should be consulted.

This allows – through the address or data in the book and volume in which the property is registered – to consult in the cadastral certificate data such as the name of the current owner, the size of the land and the meters of construction, if any.

You can also check the registry history – as long as it is up to date – the entire legal process that the property has gone through, such as sales, mortgages, liens, donations, usufructs, among others.

When you are going to buy a property, it is essential not to ignore this review to ensure that it is up to date, without legal problems and that it is not a common land.

Step four: schedule payments or settlement of the purchase 

At this point, it is necessary that you have already physically visited the property, especially if you are outside the city where the sale of land that interests you is taking place.

Although the tools we mentioned in previous paragraphs are very helpful, it is best to make sure in person that you meet the requirements and both the location and the influx of people is ideal for the project you want to implement.

Now, in case you have reached an agreement with the price and the payment, or accepted the financing plan proposed by the real estate company, the ideal is to schedule the dates to carry them out through your favorite application.

The best way not to fall behind in fixed payments is to program their dispersion through a financial program or direct the charge to a debit or credit card. In this way, it is also avoided to invest time in transfers to make deposits to banks.

On line bank 

At present, all banks have an online banking service, although sometimes it is necessary to contract or register some actions. The most advisable thing is to consult directly with the banking institutions.

The company must be trained, offer options and advice on how to make payments. In this way, it will become an ally for your finances and will demonstrate formality in its service.

Another important point is that a record must be kept of the receipts generated, not only by the bank when making payments, but also those issued by the company or owner upon receipt.

If payments are made through an app or online banking, the concept for which the transaction is made must be clearly described in them.

A basic recommendation when using digital tools is to enter —type— the bank’s internet address, avoiding entering sessions through hyperlinks or “links” received by any means if you make the transaction through the computer.

It is possible to buy land safely on the internet

Now that you know the steps to buy land online, it is important that you make the purchase based on your investment project in the short, medium and long term, and not get carried away by the price or because it is an offer.

Make sure that the land use of the land corresponds to the line of business, that the area is urbanized and that there are market studies that support the estimated growth of capital gains.

The most important thing is to advise you with the experts who can guarantee a safe investment with great returns. 

At BMF Inversions —with more than 25 years of experience in the real estate sector— we are committed to continuing to innovate in our service models, offering our investors the necessary legal certainty that corresponds to current social and economic circumstances.

Investing in a piece of land in Quintana Roo or Yucatán will help you to form a secure patrimony and obtain profits in the medium term.