Is Instagram really worth our time

Is Instagram really worth our time

No, not in my personal life. Yes, in my working life.

I’m not sure about you, but this has been my experience.

Instagram really worth our time

I could still call myself an Instagram artist, but I’d prefer not since I’m going to take a break from it to focus on what’s genuine. My art account had over 10,000 followers, and I obtained several freelancing work as a result of my Instagram profile. Despite the fact that I was studying physics in high school, I feel my Instagram presence aided me in getting into an art institution and landing an internship in social media marketing. Instagram has been a great way for me to begin my university studies and career search. It’s a one-click portfolio for photographers, bloggers, and anyone else who works with photographs. This is true. That’s why I’m perplexed when some of my other friends refuse to believe it and never exhibit their work to the public.

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I despise it in my personal life. I despise how photographs may influence my thoughts, especially those of people gloating about their lives, their love lives, or their capacity to purchase expensive items or activities. Prior to my involvement with Instagram, I was content with what I had, particularly my paintings. With doing work from the heart, I felt that my life was nearly complete. But as I began to follow my friends, businesses, blogs, and other influencers, I began to crave more and more from the material world. Money, fame, and beauty were all things I desired. It significantly alters my life ambitions. I’m being inundated with images of things I can’t afford, and I’m almost losing my footing.

Now that I’m on an Instagram cleanse (for real), I’m asking myself a lot of these questions. “Why do I feel better at ease when I don’t have Instagram?” I didn’t upload the images I took, but I’m still pleased with them. Wow, it’s so good not to worry about likes, comments, or how others might compare my life to theirs. Wow, I can go places and eat meals without worrying about whether or not it’ll look good on Instagram. Wow, I go out with my boyfriend and don’t have a snapshot to illustrate how amazing our day is on Instagram.

“Why did I have to upload photographs of my personal life before this detox?” I wonder again. I won’t be able to respond until today. I only feel compelled to do so because of the ‘pressure’ I feel from the ‘flood’ of photographs. If it is a positive thing, it is more like to bragging about the excellent things I have in life on Instagram, because posting them neither adds joy to my own life nor to the lives of others.

Integrating my personal life with Instagram is a waste of time for me. However, I adore Instagram on a professional level. I’m planning on returning when I’m ready. Instagram is a tool for me, but not for my food. I’m going to die if I don’t consume my tool.

PS: This is how it went down for me. I’m readily swayed and affected by visuals, but not everyone is.